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Disarming an Injured Cop in the Emergency Room

The situation is: A police officer is injured in the line of duty and is transported by EMS to the nearest emergency room. At what point would the officer's gun be taken from them and how would it be kept for them?

I've read that, usually, the officer's gun is handed off to their partner -- but that cannot always be the case, since often police officers work solo. I'm wondering if the paramedics would have a procedure for disarming the officer, or if it would take place in the hospital. 

Please don't refer me to 'ask a cop,' because I've had problems in the past getting accurate information there. 

I have Googled several different variations of: injured cop, ER, disarming, disarming procedures, hospital weapons policy, and several related terms. (All to no avail.)

I can 'fake it' if I have to, but it would be wonderful to have some solid information on what really happens. I know it's a bit different for every municipality, but a little info can go a long way.

ETA: Thank you for the responses. I now have what I need and am very grateful for the information!
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