Adhara Phoenix (adhara) wrote in little_details,
Adhara Phoenix

Winter fairs in small towns in the US

I've already googled practically everything that I could think about involving "winter", "fairs" and the states I have in mind for it (practically everything next to the Canadian border from New York to Minnesota) but everything was too big or not the kind of fair I'm looking for. Still I'm sorry to ask because I'm quite sure there must be a way to search this up without having to resort to the community, but I just can't figure it out. Maybe it's too specific.

The story I'm writing is set nowadays. My two characters are on a road trip departing from New York City, in a quest to get "somewhere" (the place I can't seem to find) before another character does. They know he'll be in an specific fair, so it can't be a weekly market or anything like that.

What I need is some kind of winter fair in a small-ish town, around November-March. It has to be a small-ish open-air fair, family-friendly, preferably with crafts, food, some kind of old-fashioned fun - it'd be perfect if it had a theme of some sort, like medieval fairs and the like. But the really important bits are the snow and the small town. Any idea of where I could find a list of those fairs? Do you know one?

Thanks in advance!
Tags: usa (misc), ~fairs carnivals & circuses
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