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Methods Of Torture

Searches: torture, methods of torture, etc.

I have a character that is both entirely immune to pain and very quick healing (fantasy-based, of course). She ends up in a position where she has to prove her abilities and is subject to a gauntlet of different tortures. I'm having issues coming up with a long list.

The only restrictions are that it cannot involve the entire removal of a limb (torn muscles, dislocation, etc. is fine), fire or acid. Oxygen deprivation of any kind would have no effect.

The tortures should also be more focused on pain than physical damage. Psychological tortures can apply as well. Her torturer has access to pretty much any tools and possesses supernatural strength.

So far I have:
-needles/spikes in eyes/ears
-fingernail removal
-the rack/strappado

I'd appreciate any suggestions/links to possible lists or methods.

Tags: ~torture

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