The other Linda (reapermum) wrote in little_details,
The other Linda

Forgotten book title and lost image of building.

I have two unrelated queries that I hope you can help with.

The first is a book title and author, where I can only remember a plot outline. It was set before WW1 or WW2. Two men, one English, the other German had been at school together and were so similar as to be mistaken for each other. Later they meet in East Africa and go on safari together, but only one returns saying the other had died and been buried out in the bush. The one who returned claims to be English, but is he? No-one is sure, he could be a German spy.

I know it was serialised on Woman's Hour getting on for 20 years ago.

Edit The book has been recognised. The Great Impersonation by E Phillips Oppenheim.

I've tried googling for Woman's Hour serials, but nothing useful has come up.

The second query is about a building. Last year I saw a picture in a book of a building that had been designed to look as if it was falling down. It was brick built and I believe it was a store in Florida, or at least South East USA. It had been built to look as if one corner had collapsed and all the fallen bricks had made a heap next to it. It was a striking piece of modern architecture and I don't remember which book I saw it in. If anyone recognises the description can they tell me where it is and who designed it.

I have googled images of modern architecture, Florida, buildings, store and bricks in various combinations.
Tags: ~architecture

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