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"Please, don't hurt me" in as many languages as possible

Do you know any languages? I'm looking for the phrase "please, don't hurt me" in as many languages as possible. I could just use a dictionary on this one, but the problem is that I want it to be grammatically correct too...

These are the ones I have:
* Please, don't hurt me (English, duh!)
* Vær sød ikke at gøre mig noget (Danish)
* Snälla, skada mig inte! (Swedish)
* Vær så snill, ikke skad meg (Norwegian)
* Por favor, no me hagas daño (Spanish)
* S'il te plait, ne me fait pas de mal(French)
* Bitte tun Sie mir nicht weh (German)
* Onegai, rambou shinaide (Japanese)
* Na dae-ryuh-gi ma-say-yoh (Korean)
* Doe me alstublieft geen pijn (Dutch)
* Mildheortnes! (Old English = mercy)
* Älä satuta minua [Älä satuta mua] (Finnish)
* Qing bu beihai wo. [ching boo bay-high wuo] (Mandarin Chinese)
* Не трогайте меня, не надо! [Ne trogaite menya, ne nado!] (Russian)
* Пожалуйста, не бейте меня [Pozahluista, ne beite menya] (Russian too)
* Oro ne me laedas (Latin)
* Tolong, jangan cederakanku! (Malay)
* Mi me pligosete sas parakalo (Greek)
* Proszę, nie rób mi krzywdy (Polish)
* Ti prego, non farmi male (Italian)
* Bevakasha al tifgah be (Hebrew, male assailant)
* Bevakasha al tifge-ee be (Hebrew, female assailant)
* Pakiusap, huwag mo akong sasaktan (Filipino/Tagalog)

Know some other languages? Want to correct some grammar?
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