Alana (alanahikarichan) wrote in little_details,

What would you find in an autopsy room?

I'm currently participating in an RP where a couple characters are scrounging through an autopsy room for equipment and possible weapons. I've looked through a few websites to try and figure out the layout and supplies in the room (Google + various combinations of autopsy, equipment, tools, room), and I'm sure it's a safe bet to find scalpels, bone saws, shears...

What else would there normally be in an autopsy room? Would there be extra equipment stored in cupboards? Anything to stab six-foot spiders with?

(The setting generally has just barely outdated technology, though there's no set year. I'm guessing anything from 1990's onward is fair game to find?)

ETA: The spiders were just an example. XD;; There don't seem to be any monsters in the room with us~ I'm looking more for things the characters could pick up and carry away.
Tags: ~medicine (misc)

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