Nethilia - Who Really Doesn't Exist (kittikattie) wrote in little_details,
Nethilia - Who Really Doesn't Exist

Death in Labor/Newborns/Legal Guardianship

A bit of a morbid topic: What are some reasons a woman might die in labor? The situation I'm going with is that she had a rather normal pregnancy with no complications (in my world, pregnancies last about 10 months from conception to birth) but something goes wrong during the labor process that is possibly undetected and the mother dies within one to three hours. The baby survives with few if any complications and is otherwise fine. I was originally going with an undetected weaking of a blood vessel, but I'd rather change it to something more pregnancy related.

Also, what would be the basic care of a newborn within the first two weeks who doesn't have a mother? Is the only major change being formula's the only feeding solution or am I missing some fine tuning?

Finally, the woman's sister steps forward and insists that she should take the newborn son and his 4 year old sister away from their father (she's acting on the grief of the father as an opportunity to take his kids; she hates him and would have no guilt). The woman and the father of the children weren't married, but had been together for years. I'm pretty sure she can't have them, since he is their biological father, but how would a judge basically rule? I'm asking for a more legal and polite way to say, "Bitch, please."

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