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Methaqualone distribution and use in the early 1970s

Setting: United States, specifically New York City, between about 1970 and 1975 - primarily I'm dealing with the whole discotheque scene during that time.
Google terms: Quaalude, methaqualone, methaqualone addiction, quaalude sales in United States, quaalude schedule I drug, illicit disco drugs, and a few other combinations of these terms.

My main character in this story uses methaqualone (often called by Quaalude, one of its brand names.) This is sort of an important point, as he uses it occasionally as a recreational drug, and also gives one to another character later as a sleep aid (which, from what I understand, is what it was usually prescribed for.) I have quite a bit of information on the drug and its effects, but I can't find one fairly important detail.

How would one normally go about obtaining the drug during this time window? Was it mainly obtained by finding doctors who would write prescriptions for it (since I'm fairly sure that at this point it was still legal,) or was it mainly sold on the streets or at clubs by dealers, or was it a little of both? From what I understand virtually all of the drug used for recreation at this point in time came from prescription formulations, not clandestine labs. I'm just not sure about the distribution of it, or which method of obtaining it would make the most sense.

Also, any links to accounts of the drug's effects would be appreciated, just to help me get into this character's head (particularly relating specifically to its use at discotheques and similar clubs.) I'm really not finding many of those at all.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: 1970-1979, usa: new york: new york city, ~recreational drugs

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