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artists' models and women's clothes c. 1900

Could anyone direct me to any books, whether novels/studies/biographies, or on-line resources dealing with  artists' models in Paris at around the turn of the 20th century?  Details like how they were hired, payment rates, what kinds of body types would have been in demand, how posing for a school was regarded vs posing for an individual artist, differences in how male and female models were viewed, women artist s posing for one another etc. Thackeray's Paris Sketchbook, George Sand, Murger and <i>Trilby</i> are a bit too early for my purposes, as are lots of the Bohemian web resources,  which focus mostly on the 1850s and 60s , and most of the artist's biographies I've read have either minimised the model or regarded her as ethereal Muse. 

Also, any images of  artists' studios or art schools, particularly of models  posing, would be great.

On a related note, I'd be grateful for information on on-line costume resources which would give me a clearer idea of what working-class and middle-class women of the early 1900s would have worn. Would there have been significant differences between what was worn in Paris and London? I have a clothes-conscious female character who moves between the two.
Tags: france: history, ~clothing

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