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Inner and outer conflict over changing religions

Hi, everyone!

This one is sort of a strange request: it's rather hard to wiki.

I have a character who starts off without any religious direction and is a bit of a skeptic, but over the course of the story she goes through a number of strange and edifying experiences and becomes a very religious person in a particular belief.

(And it's a fantasy story in a different land with different beliefs, so it isn't a religion of our world.)

I myself have been one religion my whole life and I have found immeasurable fulfillment from it on many counts, so I'm rather lost on what it's like to 1. change from one religion to another, or 2. to take on a religion after you have been an agnostic or atheist for years.

And so, the question is, has anybody out there been in a circumstance like this? What did it feel like to be in that situation BEFORE you were completely comfortable with the idea of changing religions? What were you thinking during this time? Did you talk down the idea to others at first, but then later you started feeling differently?

Like I said, I don't know much about it. If it sounds like I'm speaking out of ignorance, I am :-P, and I apologize in advance if I am barking up the wrong tree.

Thanks, everyone!

------------- E. T. A. ---------------

My character's family is not religious, but she becomes friends with some truly religious people who are genuine and kind :-) But she is primarily around skeptics like her.

I've been reading everyone's responses and they are all WONderful! Thank you everyone for pouring out as much as you have about such an emotional topic! I really appreciate it!

------------- E. T. A. ---------------

Oh man, you guys have given me more answers in less than 10 hours than I've ever gotten on anything else I've posted here! I think I'll close this one off since I've got SO much feedback I need to catch up on! Once again, thanks so much for being open and giving me such a range of experiences to chew over. :-)
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