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16th Century Holy Roman Empire Residences

Setting: The Holy Roman Empire from 1560-1570, specifically Pressburg & Regensburg
Search Specifics: Maximilian II biography, essays, googled and wikied in both English and German (phrases including royal residence, castle, maximilian II, death, imperial apartments and various combinations thereof)

What I'm actually looking for are these things:

- approximate dates/years when Maximilian II the Holy Roman Emperor lived in Pressburg (Bratislava, these days). I know he did live there at some point in the late 1560s/early 1570s on account of his surgeons visiting him there, but I can't find details of when.

- on the same note, where would the Emperor be expected to reside while he was there? I would assume the castle, but I don't trust that theory since I live in a country where - in the same period - everyone seems to have lived in palaces, despite the nice castle up the road.

- To move back to the Germanic regions, during a Diet (specifically, the Diet of Regensburg, where he died), where would an Emperor and his court be holed up for the length of the Diet?

- Lastly, does anyone chance to know where exactly Maximilian II died, accomodation-wise? I would assume the place he'd stayed for the Diet of Regensburg, but again, I don't want to bluff with history.

Any help with this would be great, because I really need the dates solidified. Thanks in advance :)
Tags: 1600-1699, europe: history, ~architecture

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