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Need acronyms and abbreviations related to brain damage, coma etc.

I already posted about this in medical_geeks a while ago but didn't get the necessary amount of acronyms/abbreviations there, so I'm trying here, too.

This is for a Life on Mars fic. Life on Mars is a show whose hero has either travelled back in time or has a very vivid dream about living in the past while in a coma after a car accident. In the past, he frequently has auditory and also visual hallucinations (or whatever you'd want to call them) which are caused by things happening by his bedside in the present - e.g. he will hear doctors' or nurses' voices etc.

In my fic there is a present-day intrusion in the form of a crossword puzzle which is entirely made up of medical abbrevations and acronmys. They should be related to conditions/procedures/technology/treatment/etc. connected to brain injuries and/or coma; general nursing/medical terms would be fine, too. One of them should refer to something that might be considered as potentially crucial to a 'solution' for the character's mysteriously prolonged coma - either a procedure that may not have been tried on him before, or a condition they've begun to suspect he might have or whatever. It doesn't have to be particularly *likely* - something he may have heard from someone who was speculating wildly within earshot would be okay. (It shouldn't be so unlikely as to give medical people in the reading audience a complete 'whu-?' moment, though. *g*)

I'm looking for five to seven terms.

Please see the thread linked above for further details.
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