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Medical examination revealing past childbirth

Setting: Contemporary United States

I’m writing about a woman in about her late 50s who has been admitted to a mental hospital and given a medical examination that did not include a pelvic exam.

What I need to know is: Would the person examining her be able to tell if she had ever given birth? (She herself is not giving coherent answers about her past.) The birth was over three decades ago and she did not receive any medical care so there are no records of it. And if they could tell that from the exam, would it end up in her chart?

I googled “medical examination revealing past childbirth” “medical signs of childbirth” “how to tell if a woman has been pregnant” and “how to tell if a woman has given birth.” (I got one relevant page on that last but it was answered by whoever felt like it and wasn’t even very coherent…) I also googled “mental hospital chart” but the problem is that I’m sure that past childbirth would end up there if she herself said it, but not sure otherwise, so it’s hard to find an answer to that on the net.

Thanks very much for any help.
Tags: ~medicine: reproduction, ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)

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