samtyr (samtyr) wrote in little_details,

Film Noir-ish Murder

The setting: A 5 star hotel (think Hotel Casa Del Mar). The victim: A rich, evil (older) man who deserves it. The murderer: Someone equally rich and well-known but not evil (younger) man settling a long overdue score.

What I need to know: (a) how plausible this is (b) how the hotel would manage damage control to its reputation and (c) exactly where the murder could take place to allow maximum time for a getaway w/o suspicion.

[To avoid tricky things like modern state of the art surveillance systems, I'm setting it back to the early 90's when such technology was just becoming known. Also, the murderer is well-known and well-liked by the hotel management/staff, so he blends in easily and doesn't arouse suspicion.]

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: It's set in the US, probably California.

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