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Blindness by sudden light, process of

Setting: Medical knowledge is mostly bandages/hot water, if a person is sick enough to need medical attention they're almost certainly getting it from a priest(who do have the power to heal wounds and the sick and stuff).

Character has been blind(ish) since she was a young'un. Her eyes are pretty much clouded over, and she has a seeing-eye dog.
I'm writing up the story of how this happened, and (as I've got it written) it's an accident, where her father didn't know she was still peering over the edge of the table when he was working on his Super-Flash-Bomb-of-Awesome.(Because if a little flash powder is good, more must be better, right?) He had the welder shield thing on, she didn't. So when it slipped from his hand, she a) probably got shrapnel flecks from the pellet casing thing and b) saw a super-bright flash.

I'm assuming that this could, especially with the shrapnel possibility, render a person permanently blind. However, I have no knowledge of how the blindness set in, or what you could see with near-blindess.

Would she have opened her eyes and it have been darkness already, or darkness lightening to whatever her vision level is now? or would she have blinked a few times and things would be fuzzy and decay from there over a certain time span?

I don't mean to ask "how well can she see," but, what is vision like at next-to-blindness? I've known people with different levels of "legally blind" or "legally blind in one eye," and for them it's different things like light/dark, Big things against contrasting backgrounds(red car against a tan garage, they can see a red smear), can read one-inch-high letters from 6 inches away-- differing levels of functionality.
My assumption is that she can see light/dark, and if she squints then the "edges" will sortof sharpen, although not to a particularly helpful level. Is this a reasonable thing to have with this sort of injury, a reasonable combination of vision levels?
Tags: ~blindness, ~medicine: injuries: eye injuries

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