Sex and a dog-eared paperback dictionary (redcoast) wrote in little_details,
Sex and a dog-eared paperback dictionary

Brain damage to order

I need some sort of disease or disorder. This is my criteria:

  • Causes mental retardation or severe developmental delays from birth.
  • Can be healed by rapid cell regeneration. You know, the superpower that Claire from Heroes or Wolverine has.
  • Wouldn't require the individual in question to use modern medical equipment to live, like a feeding tube.
  • Has some sort of genetic or environmental component because I want two brothers of different ages to have it.

It's the healing factor that is tripping me up. Genetic disorders are obviously out. I understand that encephalopathy can be caused by a variety of things, but I'm not clear on the details. I'd like for the brothers to have the same problem.

Googled: causes of mental retardation, encephalopathy, brain damage.
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses to order, ~medicine: injuries to order

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