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reverse search, missing person police procedure

So. Modern America or maybe Vancouver Canada.

A medic at a free clinic for the homeless treats an injured John Doe who appears to have only been on the streets for a few months (judging by the roots on the highlights in his hair and the $200 jeans he's wearing).

A friend of the John Doe won't let the medic take his fingerprints, but the medic wants to find out who John Doe is and if he's been reported missing.

Can he just go to the police, say he's got an unknown and ask to see photos of (physical description) who went missing 1-4 months ago? How far away from the current city would a casual search pull up?

Anything special I should keep in mind?

John Doe is in his late 20s, early 30's. He's clearly not in sound mind, but not any more disoriented than half a dozen people that the medic sees on any one day.

The medic doesn't want to force the patient into anything, because they don't want people to be afraid of going to the clinic, and John Doe's street protector is someone the medic wants to keep on good terms with.

Is it possible for someone to just sort of say "I saw this guy and somebody has to be missing him" and get access to that database? Could a cop-friend look it up without being questioned or reprimanded for it?
Tags: canada: government: law enforcement, ~missing persons

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