Dustbunnygirl (dustbunnygirl) wrote in little_details,

The wonderful world of Mind Control

So, let's say you have these characters that have been kidnapped by a secret government cell that is trying to create the perfect little solider. They're subjected to torture, interrogation, and then some nice, drug-assisted brainwashing to make them nice company men and women and get rid of all that unnecessary stuff like happy memories, remnants of their personalities and loved ones and those pesky ideals and morals.

How do said loved ones get those happy memories, personalities, ideals, morals, etc. back? How do they deprogram what the big bad government did?

Now, I've been researching online, but most of the information I'm finding is about the brainwashing process itself (and mostly related to religious cults more than secret government agencies bent on world domination). If I ever decide to start a fanatical cult and brainwash my members into thinking I'm the new God, I'll have a good foundation to do so. But I can't find a whole lot of available info on deprogramming the reprogrammed. So any information would be very helpful.
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)

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