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Possible alternate meaning to a kanji word

As the internet tells me, the Japanese word "義兄妹" means "sister-in-law". However, this makes absolutely no sense in context of the characters, as no siblings are mentioned or referred to at all for her to be married to. I've been searching for the past few days, Googling each kanji separately and in different combinations (y hallo thar complete lack of lingual comprehension!), and so far I've had no success at finding anything different.

The question: Can this word mean anything other than "sister-in-law"? Is there any other possible non-literal interpretation? ....Anything?

Someone told me that they thought maybe it could mean "foster sister", but they warned me that it was extremely unlikely (although that would make about a billion times more sense for the story). Is this possible?

If it helps, here's the complete sentence (and this is only sentence she's referred to in, sorry!):


The setting I would guess to be late 1700s or early 1800s England, although the narrative Japanese is modern-day.

Thank you!
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