Vertelemming (vertelemming) wrote in little_details,

Campus Police reporting procedure in a US college

Setting: Modern-day, east-coast US college
Search terms: Difficult to think of any for this one.

This isn't really a difficult question. It's just one I haven't got any experience with, so find it difficult to draw behaviour. Basically, I need to know the procedures that would be gone through in the situation of a student going into the campus police office at night, starting to report an attempted mugging, and passing out from delayed shock a minute or two after entering the office.

Specific questions I would like answered are things like, would any statement or report be delayed until the next day, would she be asked to go to a hospital for a checkup, would the police come out that night or wait until the morning, and what sort of details would be taken from her before she was allowed to go home.
Tags: usa: education: higher education, usa: government: law enforcement (misc)

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