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Multiple fractures and long-term effects

A while ago I asked about injuries that might put you in a wheel chair for while, and some helpful people suggested that it would be the most likely scenario if the poor guy had suffered from fractures, and that complications (or screw-ups from the doctors’ side while in treatment) could have ending him up in a wheel chair for some time.

Today, some time later and after excessive google-ing, I still don’t really have any idea about what complications or screw-ups that might be. The closest and most likely long-term effect I could find (in my opinion at least) is pseudo-athrosis.

My character is male and in his mid-twenties, and of good health. Setting are the contemporary US. Both his legs have been badly fractured multiple times.

Questions: when the doctors tried to set his legs right in surgery, where could they have screwed up? Would it be possible that in the haste of things, they set the legs incorrectly? What would cause long-term painful complaints? Is pseudo-athrosis a likely outcome? Could you eventually “fix” the complaints with another surgery?

Also, assuming there can be another surgery, and this is me really having no clue about the US health system: would it be plausible if someone can’t have a surgery because it is too expensive and health insurance doesn’t cover it?

I’d be really grateful for any help. Thanks a lot!

I’ve tried to google “fractures” “fractures+complications” “fractures+long term complaints” “fractures+pseudo-athrosis” and what feels like a hundred variations therof.
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