Cwelfin Jelk (crazy_wood_elf) wrote in little_details,
Cwelfin Jelk

Unusual court procedure...

I'm writing a piece, set in the US (fairly contemporary) in which a scientist has been arrested for breaking into a woman's house, kidnapping said woman, brainwashing several people, and possibly stealing several props/costumes from an amusement park (It's a fanfiction based on the animated Batman series). He's clearly insane in the sense of manic-depression, fixation, stalking, and a lack of remorse for his actions (He says that he was 'forced to do it')

How exactly would a court hearing proceed for this man?

What charges would be made? (I don't know how that stuff would be legally phrased.)

Would the man be allowed to defend himself?

Also, if anyone has any links or info on basic court procedure , then I'd be really grateful.

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