Empress Maeuve (empress_maeuve) wrote in little_details,
Empress Maeuve

Off-duty EMT proceedure

Setting: Modern day California
Search terms used: various combinations of "emt+procedure+paramedic" in Google. I also perused back entries here without finding quite what I need.
The set-up: An off-duty paramedic goes to pick up his daughter at an outdoor cafe and finds she and her friends have been attacked by rather large birds. One has large scratches on his back, the other has a gouge on his head. Nothing life threatening, just deep, maybe need some stitches. (This is an urban fantasy novel, btw, so these aren't normal birds, in case anyone was wondering)
The question(s):
Would my guy be likely to have his EMT kit in his car?
Would he feel like he needed to call in back-up or anything to deal with deep cuts he can stitch up himself?
Would he want the boys to go to a hospital anyway after he'd seen them?
If he does have a kit, what would his treatment entail? Clean it, stitch it, bandage it? Even though he knows the boys he would still wear gloves, yes?

If there are any real paramedics out there feel free to chime in with personal experiances, but all pertinent responses are welcome!

Thank you in advance for all your replies.
Tags: usa: california, ~medicine: emts/paramedics, ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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