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What did explorers in the 1400s bring with them on their ships as they explored the world?

Hello! I was referred to this community by someone in thequestionclub.

Here's what I need help with: I need to know what kinds of supplies, as well as quantities, explorers took with them on their ships as they sailed across the Atlantic to try to discover routes to Asia in the late 1400s. Specifically, I'm looking for the stuff Christopher Columbus took with him.

I have Googled "Christopher Columbus ship log" and "Christopher Columbus ship manifest" and "Christopher Columbus ship supplies." I've discovered a ship manifest, listing the people who were on board, Columbus's ship log where he detailed what went on onboard the ships during their voyage, and have found out that they ate mainly salt pork, salt cod, and hard biscuits. But I haven't been able to find a list of amounts. I'm also looking for supplies other than food. Is there such a document on ships where they kept track of this kind of thing? They seem to be so meticulous at documenting with the manifest and the log.

Thanks in advance for any websites you can send my way!
Tags: 1400-1499, history (misc)

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