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Leap Years/Unusual Things in Calendars

Googled: calendars + leap year, various incarnations of gregorian/russian/jewish/hebrew/chinese/etc. + leap year, cultural + leap year + various incarnations of all calendars mentioned previously, calendar irregularity, etc.

My questions are fairly simple but proving annoyingly difficult to answer, I fear.

The universe is pretty much our current one, except supernatural beings like vampires, werewolves and demons exist on earth. I want to know if leap year is observed in any calendar besides the "normal" American calendar (which I believe is the Julian?). If not, is there any kind of irregularity that might prove an equivalent.

I have a character faced with a series of murders, and I want them to all tie in (in some way) to the date of February 29. Obviously, it'd be a pretty boring book if I had to wait four in-verse years between murders, so I'm looking for other ways to tie them in. :D

Thank you in advance for your help - mods, I have not a clue what to tag this, sorry :-/
Tags: history (misc), ~science: astronomy

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