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Visual Capabilities of Dormice

I'm working on a story in which the first chapter is in 3rd person PoV, but biased towards the point of view of a dormouse. And I suddenly realized that I have no idea what my limitations are in describing a second character from the dormouse's perspective.

My basic concerns:
Do dormice see in color/black-and-white/limited color/something else I haven't thought of?
The general range of vision of a dormouse--could the dormouse see the other character [a human girl] from about 5 feet away? Would the dormouse need to be right next to her to get a clear enough view?
I assume it won't be a problem if the lighting is poor, as dormice are nocturnal.

I'll take any information on dormice [or closely related animals as a guideline], but if it helps I'm looking specifically at the Common Dormouse/Hazel Dormouse/Muscardinus avellanarius.

Google search terms:
Dormouse vision -"What the dormouse said"
Dormouse visual capabilities -"What the dormouse said"

Whatever I'm doing, I'm not finding a lot of sites on dormice, and none of them have covered their visual abilities.

The story is set in a vague European-fairy-tale-esque world where animals can talk, so I suppose I can fudge details like this if it comes down to it. But I really would appreciate any information you could give me, or anything that might point me in the right direction to find more information. Thanks in advance!

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