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Need help with a military type briefing speech

Hi, first time posting here, and I could use some help.

I'm writing a story, sci-fi, set about 400-ish years in the future from now.

There's a military/government operation where there's a lot of mindgames to help see if the picked "kids" (around 15-22)are the right stuff for this small group that does undercover operations. The leader (I'm thinking general, but I'm not sure) of the small outfit is giving a briefing to several pf them about what is going to happen to them to the next several months. Of course, he doesn't mention the mind games and such, but here's my problem.

He's been in command a lot, and is pretty much giving a formal briefing, trying to get them to relax (since they haven't really been told what's going on much) and answer some questions without hinting at others, kind of thing. I have NO idea what type of words he should or shouldn't be using, since I'm not very militaristic myself. Anything I should not use, or word in a certain way? It's supposed to be serious, so it's not like I can throw in "Your mission, should you choose to accept it..." kind of thing.
Tags: ~military (misc)

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