Solo (solo) wrote in little_details,

Spider in pre-1995 children's anime

Hi - I'm looking for a (preferably children's) anime no later than 1995 which includes a spider as a character. Doesn't matter much if the spider is protagonist, antagonist, or not really terribly important, as long as it isn't exactly Teh Great Evol, and as long as it has a name. I googled all sorts of variations of 'anime spider' 'children's anime spider' etc, checked a couple of anime I know fit the timeframe I want, and had a look at the wikipedia list of anime of the 90s, but that turned out to be rather too long to go through one by one.

This isn't me looking for something I recall seeing somewhere - I have no idea if it exists, it would just be helpful if it did and if somebody could tell me what it is. Many thanks in advance!
Tags: japan (misc), ~movies, ~television

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