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German Translation/Checking Assistance

One of my pet hates is random or mangled foreign languages in stories. Oh, it bugs me so much.

But now God has laid his judgement upon me and I find myself needing to use some phrases of German in a fic. My Eng/Ger dictionary and online translation tools all disagree on what to use in some instances. I've done my best but would like to be sure it's realistic and not some horrible German version of Engrish.

Are there any German speakers on this list that can help me avoid being next week's ranted about badficcer? Or point me in a suitable direction as Googling has failed and I am desperate.

It's not huge chunks of text, just short phrases. The context *is* a sex scene, but it's not dirty talk XD

**UPDATE: I trawled the archives here while waiting for the moderation queue to pass and found a link to the "multilingual" community on LJ, and a lovely person on there has helped me out. THANK YOU for your offers of help though and I suspect that this issue will come up again with the characters I write so I am bookmarking this post for future reference.
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