Vertelemming (vertelemming) wrote in little_details,

Personal Effects of a 1925 Private Investigator

So I've got the ghost of a PI from the 1920s kicking around. And instead of the first point about him needing clarification being the slang or the culture, it's what he was carrying when he died. Go figure.

Basically, I just need a rough overview of objects and clothing he would have had on him in day-to-day life, assuming he's not leaving anything behind because he's following someone. I've tried some Googling, but this is the sort of thing that comes out of a history book more often than Google, and history is one of my worse subjects.

The character in question was born in 1892, lives in a Nameless City on the east coast of the US, has had a middle-class education and upbringing, but is probably in the earning bracket of lower-middle class these days. Of particular interest is any ID he might be carrying. Pictures of clothing or objects would be very helpful.

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