ynx&nyx (seizansha) wrote in little_details,

a question for our Non-American members - thanks!

i'm working a fic where the characters are fae/god-like, ancient beings with magical powers, and i've been naming the main group of guys after important powerful kings from around the world; Peter, Alexander, and Ramses so far (basically all of 'the Great's). i'm not basing the characters off the real people, but they were named after them to increase their powers. many ancient beliefs/folklore say the whole reason the second, the third, etc. were started was so the power of the previous one was passed down; the old gives power to the new.

so my question, it's more your opinion really, who was the greatest king/emperor/ruler of your country?

look at the three i already have as examples: who improved the kingdom the most economically, socially, politically; who expanded it, created the empire; protected it, rescued it from the enemies.

i'm looking for three more, and geography doesn't matter. i'd like to know which British king, which from what i've seen so far would be Edward III. actually, i'm hoping for some Middle Eastern a/o Asian ones; it would really help with the storyline. i'm sorry, but i don't want which American president simply because the youngest guy is older than America.

all i find searching is either US-pov of history or generalized info-laden timelines. i would really like your opinions instead.

thanks for all the help!
Tags: history (misc)

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