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The Inner Workings of a Mental Hospital

I pretty much need to know everything about the inner workings of a mental hospital. Like, what kind of illnesses would put you in one, what are the specific job names of people who work there and what do they do, how plausible is it for two patients to have a relationship, how plausible is it for two of the doctors to have one and basically everything.

Terms Googled:  All sorts of variations of the following- mental institution, insane asylum, mental institution floor plan, aides, nurses in mental institutions, psychiatrists/psychologists in mental institutions, personality disorders, mental disorders, mental diseases/illnesses, histrionic personality disorder, schizoid personality disorder, schizophrenia, mental institution schedules, daily life in a mental institution, rules of a mental instiution

List of what I need, including what I've said previously:

-What mental illnesses are usually seen in a mental hospital? Right now I've got two people, one with Histrionic Personality Disorder and one with Schizoid Personality Disorder, could they be candidates for a mental hospital? If not, what are some similar mental illnesses that could put a person there? Revised, thank you for everyone that helped on this one!

-I NEED A FLOOR PLAN LIKE BURNING. You enter the building, what's the first thing you see? Does everything just branch from that room? What is each room called and what happens in them? Are they locked at certain times or are the patients pretty much allowed free reign (which I highly doubt, but it's good to ask anyway)?

-What is everyone's job title? I know we've got counselors and doctors, but what about everyone else? What's an aide or an attendant? What does everyone do?

-How plausible is it for some of the patients to be in relationships? The staff? The patients with the staff? I realize it would be a rarity, but the information is still good to have.

-I think I've pretty much got the schedule down from other people, but I'm not sure. Up at eight, breakfast, group session, lunch, single sessions, dinner, 'free time', bed at ten. From your experience, is that right?

-What is usually served at breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I've never even been to a normal hospital so... completely clueless. Got it, thanks, guys.

-What are people allowed to do at free time?

-How many people to one 'bedroom' (gah, and what would you call the bedroom? And are they locked before bedtime?) Are they divided any special way or is it just, "Okay, this room has a bed open"? Got it

-What are some of the things discussed in the group sessions? In the individual sessions?

-What's the average amount of time for someone to remain in a longterm facility?

-When someone is forced into the facility, are the police the ones that bring them?

-What do the patients wear usually? I mean, if someone doesn't willingly go it doesn't seem like they'd bring an extra set of clothes, you know? How about the aides and doctors and everyone else? Just normal clothes? Scrubs (I don't know, it was a thought)? Got it

-On average, how many patients are in a medium sized facility? How many people on staff? How many people watch the patients at any given point in time in a medium security hospital?


*EDIT: It's absolutely infuriating that I meant to put time and place up here and I completely forgot to.  Present day; either the UK or the USA. If it's the USA then it'll be in Nevada.

Yeah, I'm pretty much jumping in blind.  Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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