nibbprince (nibbprince) wrote in little_details,

Unorthodox Popcorn Making

So, my character is a criminal, non-military type person. If he were to get hold of a quantity of some primary and secondary explosive, and put a small quantity, something like 200 grams or so of either the primary explosive into a bag of popcorn, with assumably some kind of electrical thing to detonate it and a wire, or used the secondary explosive and a charge with a charge, what would be the effect of this on the popcorn? Would it simply be thrown everywhere? Would it pop? What if he used a flare instead? Would the popcorn just be burnt?

Googled terms: "popping popcorn with explosive", popcorn explosive, popcorn firecracker (sounds delicious, but not what I'm looking for), popcorn demolition, popcorn C4
Tags: ~explosive & explosions, ~food and drink (misc)

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