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Transcript/Translation of a Portuguese (?) Exclamation


I'm looking for some help from anyone who can understand Portuguese, or possibly Brazilian-Portuguese. I have absolutely no knowledge of the language, and my smattering of Spanish hasn't been much help...

I need both a transcript and a translation of Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa's following exclamation:

8 sec. video, with a bit of context in English
8 sec. audio, as before but better quality
1 sec. audio, just the exclamation itself

It sounds to me like he's saying something along the lines of "a-kee-yoh", and I'm only assuming he's speaking Portuguese as it's his native language (he's from the city of São Paulo, Brazil). I've tried Babelfish and various online dictionaries, but without knowing the exact spelling of the word/s I'm not really getting anywhere. I'm guessing it's some sort of expression of triumph, so there may not be a direct translation, but any sort of approximation would help. Thanks in advance!
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