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Messing with my planet's rotation and climates

I took the idea in my head while I was designing things that looked pretty on a map that it has its ice caps in the east and west and rotates south to north. I asked elsewhere "so, a horizontal axis will do that with no problem, right?" and no. No it won't. I think it's technically fantasy, so there's no reason I couldn't just make it do that, but I'd really rather not. I'm writing more or less historical fiction for one of my made-up worlds. There's no magic in the story at all; I used up all my allotted weirdness combining the Dutch Republic with Enlightenment era England and America in a setting that's geographically pretty much Venice but colder.

Is it realistically possible to align a world that way and still have it be mostly Earthlike? And actually, now that I think of it: if it is possible to work a world that way, what would that do the possibility of a moon or moons?

I've been I thought of increasing the world's axial tilt without making it horizontal, but that just seems like it would affect the severity of the weather world-wide instead of where the climate extremes are. I've looked up retrograde rotation and that's not really what I'm after. People have told me to read up on tidally locked worlds, and I don't think that's what I'm trying to do. The world-building lesson sites I've found have good information on how to build the solar system, but don't seem to get down to the specifics that I'm interested in. (and I have to admit that I didn't really understand a lot of it. I was a history and writing major in college who took all earth sciences and crap like basic logic for my math requirements, so the large equations on those pages confuse the hell out of me).

It's just one little detail that isn't essential to the story--seriously, I can find other oddities to mention if I want to establish that this isn't actual real Venice with a bad case of the anachronisms--and probably no one but hard-core geeks would notice the problem with it. But it is driving me crazy.
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