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Japanese phrase of endearment

Hello! I searched the memories and didn't see anything like this, so I figure I would ask here. I have a character who recently moved to USA from Japan, where he's lived his whole life. His dad is American (miltary) and his mom is Japanese, so he has a pretty good handle of both languages. In current USA, he gets himself a boyfriend that he's in love with. They're both in high school, though the Japanese one is younger by about a year. Here's my problem, I need some terms of endearment for him to say, in Japanese. Things like "I love you", "Be mine", "Don't leave me", "I will take care of you", "you're beautiful/sexy", and other popular phrases a guy might use to woo a lover. I would search online, but I know most online translators are miserable and I barely got through high school French so I know I couldn't teach myself Japanese! XD And I would love the kanji and the romanji, though the latter is more important than the former. Thank you for any help possible!
Tags: ~languages: japanese

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