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After-school clubs in Japanese high schools

Setting: Modern-day Japan
Searches: I've read the articles on high school education in Japan on Wikipedia; Googled combinations of "after-school clubs" "japan" "high school" "clubs"

I've read some pretty interesting articles about the nature of clubs and the importance of them to Japanese students, but I have some specific questions that I couldn't find the answers to anywhere. I'm writing about beginning of a new school year, and in the first chapter, my main character starts high school. How soon after the start of the school year do clubs begin? The first day? Sometime in the first week? Is there a special week/day where clubs recruit new members? Secondly, if he wants to play soccer, does he need to try out in order to play on a sports team? He was on the soccer team in junior high school - would that make any difference? And finally, how often a week do sports teams meet? Would it be realistic to have my character have practice three times a week? Could it be more or less?

Yikes, that was a lot of questions! Thanks for any help! And happy New Year!
Tags: japan: education

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