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Medieval Standing torture/foot roasting (without permanent harm)

My novel requires Medieval-appropriate torments that will not cause permanent damage or death to the victim. If you know anything about Inquisitorial procedures, you understand this is rather a tall order! Most of those torments, even if the wretch was found innocent, would still be maimed for life.

I have a number of scenes which requires the character to be held stationary for long periods of time in some way that will be actively uncomfortable (if not painful) but will NOT kill them. I have already done stress positions and now was considering some way to have them stand with something hot (or cold, or sharp) under their feet – but not in a way that would actually destroys them. Or – anything that would make standing there for hours a slow non-life-threatening torment.

I have seached the LD archives. I googled Medieval foot roasting, and as far as I have found, it completely ruined the skin and bones (ICK!) and was much too graphic for even my writing sensibilities. Same for some of those terrible spikes. Searches with Medieval Inquisition and/or torment/torture leaves me with a probably maimed or dead main character!

The world of the novel has a healing power, its limits being that it can only heal flesh wounds, not rebuild bones (or other of the more ghastly results of Medieval torments). Any secret knowledge or search ideas within these thin parameters would be greatly appreciated, and my character, who does not wish to die, thanks you too!
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