wishing_wounds (wishing_wounds) wrote in little_details,

Accounts Freezing After Death?

In my urban fantasy story, the main character is a cop who kills herself, only to wake up in the morgue a night later perfectly fine with no idea of what's going on (except for the fact that she's walking around and no longer has a heartbeat).

She escapes out of the morgue without any actual detection (obviously her 'corpse' is missing, but there were no employees there that night and the camera they kept up front was busted) along with some papers on herself taken from the medical examiner's office.

Considering that she was confirmed dead (gunshot from a revolver to the skull), she can't be seen by other cops or anyone she knows without having to explain why she's walking around. However, the issue of money remains, even when dead.

My question revolves around what would happen to her checking/savings accounts at the bank she's a customer at. Would she be able to go to an ATM and withdraw the maximum a night after her confirmed death, or would the account have been frozen already? If it was not frozen by then, when (and if) would it be?

A second question revolves around there possibly being a way for her to withdraw money from her account without being seen by cameras or bank employees.

The novel is set in modern day Indianapolis, for those who wish to know.

Thanks for your help. :]

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