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Karate Tournament

I need some help regarding karate exhibitions.
My character has been invited to perform (is that the right word?) at an exhibition/competition/ tournament. He is very skilled in karate and the use of the katana.
I need to know what some of the various exhibitions are called. I watched sidekicks many years ago and recall katas performed with various weapons.
Are the katas performed to music?
How many points do the participants score before the match is considered 'won'?

I've Googled and Wikied karate exhibitions, karate tournaments, karate competitions, Chuck Norris, Sidekicks, Karate Kid, kenjittsu, kenjutsu, Iaijutsi and kata.

The video store has the two movies but only on VHS and I don't own a VCR.

Help is much appreciated!

The story takes place in New York City. He is 17 and also participates in some of the sparring competitions. He's trying to encourage a group of younger kids who are being harrassed by older kids from another dojo.
The exhibition/trounament isn't really an integral part of the story, it's my reason for getting him to New York but I don't want it to sound stupid.
Also the raised square area where the people 'perform' - is it called the stage?
How many judges are there for the katas?
I'm wanting him to perform a kata using one or two katanas. Is this something that is unusual?
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