UrpleSquirrel (urplesquirrel) wrote in little_details,

Alternatives to foot binding?

For a fantasy world based on ancient China, I was doing research on foot binding, and I stumbled across a little tidbit of information on wikipedia that I've been trying to find out more about, with no sucess.

Apparently, the Manchus attempted to abolish the practice of foot binding, and Manchu women wore "flower bowl shoes" which gave the illusion of tiny feet without actually binding them.

I've searched google using terms "flower bowl shoes" "foot binding + manchus" "imitation foot binding" and other combinations, but I haven't been able to find more information about the shoes. I would love a little more history about them, and a picture of what they looked like would be splendid.

I really would love to have a more interesting way of avoiding my MC having bound feet than just "in this fantasy world, it didn't exist."
Tags: china: history

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