Jax (imadra_blue) wrote in little_details,

Rate of Decomposition

Okay, my Google-fu is weak, and I'm not able to find an answer to this, so I was hoping you could either point me in the right search direction or if you're a forensic anthropologist type, provide some answers.

Basically, I have a large building that's been completely sealed for about 25-26 years (sci fi world, very advanced technology). The temperature is cool, and I imagine it's relatively dry in there. There are hundreds of bodies left to rot in there. Would they be appropriately mummified as I suspect, or would the cool/dry temps + lack of scavengers lead to them being squishy and nasty(ier)?

Thank you in advance!

ETA: I tried search strings like "rate of decomposition human body", "human decay", "decomposition human corpse"... and that's all I can remember at the moment.
Tags: ~forensics: corpses
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