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Where would a merchant live in Tudor London circa. 1530's

My novel is set across the reign of Henry VIII (1491-1547). I have a character who is a merchant based in London. He was initially an impoverished minor noble but has done quite well in business.

I am trying to find out where in London he might live. It would potentially be an up-and-coming area, north of the River Thames and reasonably near to a bridge that crosses the River Thames towards Greenwich Palace.

I have bought a map of Tudor London, but this does not help me. I've also googled 'merchant home tudor london', 'Tudor merchant' and 'area of london for tudor merchants'

Finally I am also looking for guidance on a rough area of Tudor London. Ideally this would be a place with taverns and whore's. I don't need an exact location, but a suggestion of an area would be helpful.

I have googled 'bawdy part of tudor london', 'drinking areas of tudor london' and 'drinking in tudor london'.

If you can assist I would be very grateful!
Tags: 1500-1599
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