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Police Officers and Christmas Leave

Time: present-day.
Place: Gotham City, which I prefer to think of as a stand-in for Newark, New Jersey, but since the place is fictional, I can be flexible.

I'm writing a Christmas fic, and I'm wondering

1) Approximately what percentage of the police force would be working on Dec 24th-25th? Would it be fewer officers than usual, or normal contingent? (If it varies by shift, that's fine. I just need to know.)

2) Who approves the vacation time? Is it someone in HR? The shift commander?

3) I'm working specifically with Gotham Central, where the commissioner is based. Does the commissioner have any power to approve time off if he chose to? (I'm thinking of having Gordon direct whoever is in charge to approve someone's request because he overheard a conversation in the lunchroom and knows that the officer has a sick family member, for example. Wondering how realistic/feasible this would be.)

I tried Googling: Police Officers vacation, police officers Christmas.
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