the catherd (paradoxhorizon) wrote in little_details,
the catherd

Electric Guitars - Three (3) related questions

I know just enough about guitars to know I'm better off asking for help with this rather than giving it a guess or trying to make Google cough up a reliable answer.

I have a character, a teenage (15) boy living in America in the present day, who plays guitar. He's been playing a handmedown acoustic for years and wants an electric guitar very badly. His musical tastes tend to be heavily rock with some punk and psychobilly.

1. What would be his dream, money-is-no-object, guitar?
2. If he aimed to save up for a guitar that he might actually be able to buy, but is still slightly unrealistic, which guitar would he want?
3. What guitar would his well-meaning, but clueless and thrifty parents buy him for his birthday?

Thank you.
Tags: ~music
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