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American Navy/Navy SEALS

I googled "navy seals" and "us navy" and poked around the Navy website and wikipedia and a few other places, but couldn't quite find the answer to my question.

Setting is contemporary US.

I've got two Navy men. Both went through Annapolis and are commissioned officers. Do commissioned officers ever become SEALs? It seems both men would meet the minimum requirements. After some time in Iraq and Afghanistan, one of the men is badly injured and honorably discharged from the Navy. The other leaves the SEALs and goes to teach at Annapolis. Is that totally improbable?

Both men are in their early 30s, if that matters.

Also, what ranks might they be?

If it is unlikely that the guy who stays in the Navy winds up at Annapolis, is there something else he might be doing in the Maryland/DC/northern Virginia area?

Any general info on the SEALs would be appreciated. I have some knowledge of the American military (my mom's family is all career Army and I have a cousin who just got back from Iraq) so I'm not completely in the dark, but I know very little about the Navy specifically.
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