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scarring from being impaled in the stomach

The setting is a fantasy world with pretty advanced technology. I have used LJSeek to search the comm, as well as browsed the tags, and googled and Wiki'd various combinations and synonyms of the words scar, healing, impalement, wound, stomach, large, deep, healing process...

My MC is a sixteen-year-old guy impaled completely (that is, there's a hole in his front and in his back) through the stomach with a long, katana-esque blade and flung around a bit. ...Probably he should've died from it, but it's canon that he sustained this injury and survived. My question is, how will the resulting scars look five years from now? Seven years from now? Fifteen?

I think part of my problem is I'm having trouble finding information on the appearance of scars from very large wounds like that. So maybe a better question is, what's the healing process for a wound that size? :) The character is effectively in a coma for five years, and kept in an extremely controlled environment, if that is relevant. Assume that any medical equipment required will be available.

Thanks in advance, this comm is fantastic. :)

(For anyone familiar with Final Fantasy 7: this is indeed about Cloud being impaled at Nibelheim. >3)
Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)
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