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Christmas in England

Hi! I need some help with a story I'm writing. I've asked at a few other forums I'm in but can't find exactly what I'm looking for.

I would like some specifics about Christmas traditions in England. In my scene, a couple with three kids, a divorced man, his two kids, and his new girlfriend, and another couple with no children are celebrating together in the home of the first couple. All the children are between 3 and 7. After lunch, what would happen next? Would the adults play cards, watch the kids play, sit by the fire and visit, drink etc., or what?

What are crackers? Do all families get them? If I excluded them from the scene (mainly because I don't know anything about them), would British readers find that odd? I would rather leave something out than tell it in a completely incorrect way.

One more thing: in the U.S., parents and their adult guests often sit at the big fancy table, with everyone's children sitting at another table (a folding table, for example) or two, depending on how many kids are there. Is this done in England as well?

Thank you!
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