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Midlife Motherhood: Pregnancy at 40

Setting (time and place): Modern-day world/somewhere in Japan
Search engine and keywords used: Googled trauma gunshot pregnancy, Asherman's syndrome, miscarriage, pregnancy over 40/35 risks and related terms

My character is a 39-year old woman (she's English, not Japanese, btw). She's fairly healthy and active, working as a professor for art history and as a consultant for a museum. She already has a 20+-year old son, her only child, having given birth to him when she was 17. 

When she was 23, she miscarried what was supposed to be her 2nd child when she was in her 5th month after being shot in the stomach (is it more accurate to say 'shot in the uterus'?).

1. Is it possible for her to develop Asherman's syndrome as a consequency of the surgery and the 'cleaning up' done in her womb when she was being treated for her gunshot? My initial assessment from my research made me think it was possible, but I'm not super sure. 

2. If not, is there any other medical condition that would make it difficult, but not impossible, for her to conceive after getting shot in uterus and miscarrying?

Going with the Asherman 'scenario', my character is supposed to get accidentally pregnant at the age of 39. She had earlier received successful treatment for Asherman's, wanted to try again, but her husband didn't want to due to possible complications that could occur.  When she finally does get pregnant, she is 39, carrying twins (At the latest, she is in her 5th month), but her husband soon dies in a tragic 'accident'. She is rather strong-willed, and resilient, and while her husband's death has devastated her, she isn't clinically depressed or anything, finding strength in her unborn children and her son and her job. 

Aside from the usual concerns of high blood pressure, premature birth, diabetes, is there anything else my character should be concerned about or might suffer through during her pregnancy? And also, is it still possible for her to have a relatively healthy pregnancy or at least a pregnancy with little complications given her situation? I want her to be able to take care of herself (e.g. pick up stuff, go out for lunch, move around the house and do chores).

If this is not possible, what measures should she and her son take (aside from genetic testing, bed rest, medicines/shots) to ensure that things don't get worse? Money isn't a big concern, but she doesn't like the idea of help around the house. 

Any comments, suggestions, corrections will be glomped and loved and appreciated. Thank you so much!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds, ~medicine: reproduction

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