Turtle Boy (father_turtle) wrote in little_details,
Turtle Boy

Police communications

A chapter I'm writing has a present-day police officer (in a Buffalo suburb) responding to a call about a teen who is brandishing a knife in public. When she arrives, the teen is holding a girl with the knife to her throat.

What would the initial call the officer hears on the police radio be? How would that officer respond to that initial call if they were already near the scene? How would the officer then report the change in situation over the radio? I'd like it to sound real, but as a pastor I usually deal with people on the other side of the law.

I've googled "police radio" and came up with this site on the Ten (10) Code and Police Radio Codes, but how would that radio conversation sound?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Tags: usa: government: law enforcement (misc)

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